Guide your city from humble beginnings to a booming metropolis.

Welcome to the rarified air of Rising Cities, the sprawling browser game by Bigpoint. Rising Cities combines all the fun of a traditional urban development simulation game with comprehensive strategic elements. Rise through the ranks and achieve the status of international mayoral star.

But it won’t be easy – you will have to work hard and work smart to go from the outhouse to the penthouse. Show your strategic and managerial ingenuity by implementing tactical planning measures, allocate materials shrewdly and maintain a trained eye on the well-being of your populace.

You have to start small to increase and appease the population, and in Rising Cities you will be able to define your style, as this strategy game promises rewards from the moment you break ground; every decision you make will factor into your success, or lack thereof, in the end. Can you make it to new heights in the building game Rising Cities?